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    Do Not Confirm Any Obama Supreme Court Nominee

    Add your name below to tell Mitch McConnell and Republican Senators to refuse to confirm any nomination by Barack Obama for a replacement for the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

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    Whereas President Obama is the most pro-abortion president in history, and

    Whereas President Obama has a clear pro-abortion litmus test for Supreme Court nominations, and

    Whereas President Obama has already appointed two Justices to the Supreme Court who support his pro-abortion agenda and have voted to force Americans to pay for abortion-inducing drugs, and 

    Whereas another nominee by President Obama will create a 5-justice pro-abortion majority on the Supreme Court that will threaten all legislative limits on abortion which will ensure an increase in abortions and the destruction of even more innocent human lives, 

    We urge Senator Mitch McConnell and every Republican Senator to reject any nomination by President Barack Obama for a new Supreme Court Justice and to allow the next president to nominate a Supreme Court Justice who will respect the Constitution and the Right to Life.

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